Mastering Novaria: A Guide to Dominating Mobile Legends

Taking on the Storm with Novaria

As the rain and thunder roll, Novaria is the one hero who makes everyone on the battlefield afraid. We’re going to dive into the magical world and introduce you to Novaria, the storm bringer. We’ll also show you how to build Novaria correctly.

You can’t just pick things at random; we’re here to help you figure out how to use Novaria to its fullest potential. Get ready to find the important items that will improve her magical attacks and make her stronger in fight. We’ll figure out Novaria’s skills, look at the most powerful combos, and give you advice that will help you become a great Novaria player.

How to Build Correctly

You Mobile Legends players who love using Novaria’s power need to learn more about her in order to make a big difference in your team’s path to win. Let’s look at the Novaria build that works well to win Mobile Legends games.

  1. Set up an emblem

Pick the Mage brand for Novaria. It increases Novaria’s magical attacks and mana regeneration, which makes her strikes stronger. Focus on raising attack and lowering cooldown to get the most out of Novaria’s skills.

  1. Picking a Spell

You should use Flicker as Novaria’s power. Flicker gives Novaria the extra freedom she needs to move around. Use it to get away from dangerous situations or hit quickly and catch your enemies off guard.

  1. The first item build

Magic Shoes: These shoes give Novaria a very important cooldown decrease. Novaria can use her skills more often and better when they have shorter cooldowns.

Glowing Wand: When Novaria’s skill hits an enemy, this item gives her extra magic power and an extra attack for a short time. This makes Novaria’s damage output a lot better.

  1. Build a Core Item

Lightning Truncheon: This item gives you more magic power and an extra magic attack affect when you use a skill. When Novaria’s skill hits, it does a lot of damage.

Holy Crystal: This item gives Novaria a big boost in SLOTASIABET magic power, which lets her perform devastating magic attacks on foes.

Concentrated Energy: This item gives Novaria more HP every time her skill hits an enemy, making her stronger so she can last longer in fight.

  1. Items Built Based on Situation

Divine Glaive: This item makes it easier for enemies with high magic protection to be hit by magic. For the most damage, use it against heroes who are very good at blocking magic.

Blood Wings: This item gives Novaria more magic power and maximum health, which makes her stronger and more durable in fight.

  1. Tips for Playing

Use Your Skills Wisely: Novaria’s skills do a lot of damage, so plan how you use them. The first skill does damage, the second skill lets you run away or get away from someone, and the final skill covers a large area and does a lot of damage.

Positioning Is Important: Novaria’s place is very important. Pick a safe spot that’s not too close or too far away from the team. Use Novaria’s ability to move quickly to avoid enemy hits.

Help each other out: Novaria is a strong fighter, but she can be hit by enemies. Talk to the team and work together to make Novaria’s strength even stronger.

  1. Adding new skills

During the game, you should focus on improving the first skill (Garden of Eden) and the last skill (Heavenly Punishment). The first skill does a lot of damage, and the final skill does a deadly area attack.

You can get the most out of Novaria if you build her correctly and learn these strategies. Use Novaria’s techniques to improve your skills, watch how battles go, and make smart choices. You’ll become a great Novaria player in Mobile Legends if you work hard and gain experience.